Dual Works

Quarter.haus is a unique collection of beautifully handcrafted products designed for the home and created by the Dual Works in our design studio located in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, UK.

Our design ethos ensures an honest approach where simplicity, quality and utility are at the heart of our creative decisions.  Our timeless product range offers functional design appropriate for traditional or contemporary homes. We create individual statement pieces for your environment by focusing on using materials that have a contemporary visual aesthetic combined with a fresh approach, clean lines and a colourful fun personality. Our design decisions consider the visual composition and relationship between material, form and function. This means we created products with individuality that are often difficult to find on the high street and mix in happily with what you already own.

We oversee every part of the design process from concept to manufacture, this guarantees that each product is handmade in-house in limited editions ensuring that high quality craftsmanship and the hand of the maker are central to our design ethos. We offer an evolving product range whereby everything we make is produced in limited quantities which keeps our ideas fresh as well as our products. Our product range is created in-house meaning its not a mass produced generic design and no laser cutters or 3D printers are used in the creation of our work!

Our online shop displays our current products available to purchase. Our shop works by us making a product in our studio, once finished its is then displayed in our showroom and listed on our online shop. As we work in limited editions either by design or colour palette please be aware that once its gone its gone! Therefore if it has disappeared from the shop then its left for a new home! If you can't see what you are looking for then please do get in touch as we also work to commission, whereby we can design and make something unique for you.