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We Make Stuff at the Dual Works

Dual Works excels in undertaking bespoke commissions either for the home or your business. This is because we are highly experienced designer | makers, which means we have a good understanding of functional requirements and aesthetic styling. We specialise in bespoke design solutions and one-off fabrication including the design and manufacture of products, furniture, interiors and artist fabrication.

Everything we make is bespoke, therefore our commissioning design service is tailored to your requirements.  We pride ourselves in providing a personalized design service to build strong working relationship with our clients. Our clients include architects, arts organisations, artists, interior designers, galleries, theatres, marketing agencies, museums, universities and private clients.

Commissioning a bespoke product is an exciting and rewarding process as you are actively involved in all stages of the design process by meeting the maker, establishing the brief together, visiting our workshop and seeing where it’s made. Engaging in a dialogue with us enables you to be involved with the creative decisions to enable a bespoke outcome designed and manufacture specifically for your needs.

It may not be as expensive as you might think. This is because the correct materials will be sourced, and manufacturing techniques identified to fit your budget. In the long-term commissioning something that works for your needs can be more cost effective than purchasing something off the shelf which doesn’t quite suit your requirements and may need replacing in the short term.

How to commission us?

1. Make Contact

Drop us an email at hello@dual.works or fill out our contact form HERE to outline what you’re thinking. We will then organise a  time for you to visit our showroom and workshop


2. Meeting Up

We meet in our showroom to discuss your ideas and requirements. At this stage it’s important for us to gain an understanding of what you’re thinking and for you to meet us to see what we do and how we do it. 

Our conversation will cover the following aspects to enable us to move to the next stage;

  • Who’s it for

  • How you want it to function

  • Where will it be situated

  • What you want it to look like

  • What material qualities you enjoy 

  • What your budget is 

  • When you need it for

This dialogue helps us to understand what you’re looking for and whether it’s viable for us to make it for you.  It’s often useful at this stage for you to bring images and photographs with you, this gives us an idea of the visual style of things you like. During our conversation we will show you examples of our other projects so you can see the quality of the work we produce. This dialogue enables us to form a brief together which then becomes the parameters of your project. At this stage you can decide if you would like to progress to the design stage or not.

2. Design Proposal

Following our meeting we will propose some initial design ideas. These take the form of hand drawn sketches, depending on your requirement we may only need one drawing if your quite specific with your needs or it may be there are alternative ways to realise your idea. So we may propose up to three design proposals for you to consider. You will either receive these by email, a visit to our showroom or at this at this stage we may need to visit you. This would be to gather further information which would be helpful in finalising the design proposal.


3. Final Design 

You decide which of the design proposal fits your requirements. Any fine tuning happens at this stage to get your design exactly right for you. 

Some commissions will require a prototype which needs to be made prior to agreement and production of final outcome. Prototypes help to visualise the product by clarifying scale, function, and visual qualities. We will inform you of this stage if necessary, at our design meeting.

At this stage you can decide whether you would like to progress or not. Please understand that if we undertake any design work for you then this part of the commissioning process incurs a design fee. This fee is payable whether you decide to progress or not. 


4. Your Order

A final hand drawing will be prepared ready for you to sign off and delivery dates agreed. A deposit of 50% is now payable and on receipt of this we will then commence production.

When we have finished your project, we will make arrangements for collection or delivery at which stage the balance of payment is due. Delivery time on bespoke commissions can vary depending on requirement, normally this process can take 6 - 8 weeks.